The summary of our current sphere of activity on our 'Home Page', provides some of the insight into what we do as an organisation. Apart from assisting service and ex-service men and women, and their families, we are committed to providing advice to standing government committees on all matters pertaining to the ex-service organisations role within the veteran community.

It was our organisation that initiated the government into opening counselling services for Vietnam Veterans. What is now known as the Veteran & Veterans Families Counselling Service, advising all service men and women and their families, was formerly known as the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service.

We embarked on a combined ex-service organisations program teaching skills to enable practicable advice in relation to possible suicide detection that was paramount to reducing the extremely high rate of suicides in the children of Vietnam Veteran. That program, formerly known as the ASIST Program, has now evolved into Operation Life, and beginning to come to grips with a spike in the suicide rate and attempted suicides within the current generation of Australias' soldiers.

An excerpt from our Presidents' message on our 'News Central Page'...."When we came home from (the) Vietnam (war) there was much wrong with how we were treated by the Repatriation system, some ex-services organisations, the government, and the Department of Veterans' Affairs."

"A few years down the track we know that the psychological damage done by the trauma of these wars, (East Timor, Somalia, The Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan), will really begin to blossom. By then, the media interest in our veterans will have waned. What is newsworthy while the war is being fought will fail the 'interest' test when the fighting is over. It is then that the really hard work begins of reminding governments of their continuing obligation."

"The Vietnam Veterans Federation will do what it can to ease the path for our worthy successors."



Our history is one borne out of necessity by a few strongwilled individuals fighting for the rights of soldiers who are sent to war by the governments of the day. The story in essence is what became necessary to force recognition, just compemsation, and a justified application of our rights as should be applied to all returned-from-active-service men and women. It is the true essence of the tenacity that made up the soldier of the day. The Vietnam Veteran. .....Read More



The Agent Orange debate is still raging, albeit because of mischievous and flawed historical research. Once again it has found us forcing the government to embark on yet another study into our past achievements, when we proved the debilitating effects of herbicides, used in South Vietnam, that affected not only Vietnam Veterans, but our offspring as well. Through a flawed historical research, that evidence was debunked, and our leaders insulted .....Read More


After reading the article from the link above, you may wish to the read the real story of our struggle to get 2 Royal Commissions and countless appeals to finally have DVA admit their ingenerosity towards the Vietnam Veteran and his family.......Read More


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