The former National President, Mr Tim McCombe OAM (deceased), had been at the forefront of the welfare for Vietnam Veterans in Australia since the late 1970's, until his untimely death on 31 January 2015. Tim's dedication and committment to the welfare of Veterans was legendary, particularly in our struggle to have the effects of herbicidal spraying in South Vietnam accepted as the cause of many cancers in returning veterans and their offspring.

When we came home from Vietnam there was much wrong with how we were treated by the Repatriation system, some ex-services organisations, the government, and the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

It is, I believe, our duty to ensure our more recent comrades, the soldiers, sailors and airmen of Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan, Peacekeepers & Peacemakers too, do not suffer in the same way. We can do this by helping our younger comrades with their compensation claims and appeals, ensuring we acknowledge their outstanding service given under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions and keep reminding the government of its obligation to properly compensate and care for those whose service has damaged them.

This will become even more important when most of our troops are pulled out of Afghanistan. A few years down the track we know that the psychological damage done by the trauma of these wars will really begin to blossom. By then, the media interest in our veterans will have waned. What is newsworthy while the war is being fought will fail the 'interest' test when the fighting is over. It is then that the really hard work begins of reminding governments of their continuing obligation.

The Vietnam Veterans Federation will do what it can to ease the path for our worthy successors.

Jim Wain OAM - National President.




Misleading Statements about the Incidence of Veteran Suicide and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Submission to the Senate Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade References Committee Inquiry into the mental health of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel who have returned from combat, peacekeeping or other deployment.)

Read the full article by National Researcher, Graham Walker AM.....Click here


The herbicides usages in South Vietnam and the effects on soldiers who served there still rages today. So called 'Agent Orange' is the name given to inlude all herbicides used. Their effects on soldiers, their children and possibly grandchildren, once denied by DVA, and recently recorded incorrectly in misguided historical reference has again aroused the fight in Vietnam Veterans to have honest history recorded for prosperity.

A historian tells the story of the VVFAs long fight with the War Memorial over the flawed and insulting official account of the Agent Orange controversy..... Click here

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What the government won't fix 1,2 and 3.

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From time to time we receive requests from members and site visitors seeking the whereabouts or information concerning a lost father, brother, uncle, mate and we will publish their details within our 'Notices' section, subject to individual privacy advice. Due to space and time committments we will leave the published requests for a period of 2 months, or whenever we receive confirmation that the parties requests have been met, whichever occurs soonest.

As well, we will endeavour to publish reported 'Reunions' notices as they come to hand, and keep them posted until the event date has been reached. Naturally the privacy of those submitting announcements will be respected at every oppurtunity.

The 'Reunions & Notices' document can be downloaded.....Click here



The Journal in its current format began life in 2000. Prior to then it was a monthly produced A5 size pamphlet that quickly took on the look of a newsreel with all our agenda items and historical articles. At the beginning of 2001 the "Newsletter" as it was called evolved into it's current A4 format and was professionally published, as well as, becomming a quarterly issue magazine style journal. Then, in 2012, for quality as well as cost purposes, we reduced our issues to 3 per year, each March, July and December. It was referred as "The Journal".

With the December 2017 issue, by which time 'The Journal' name was confusing to some, it was decided to revert to its original title as "THE VIETNAM VETERANS' NEWSLETTER". we retained the underheading recognising it as the official journal of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia Inc, and added into the title a motto, "Supporting All Who Serve & Have Served"

The aim was, and still is, to bring relevant news of veteran community concerns and issues to our membership. It is not unusual that each issue will bring with it some form of debate over exactly what successive governments and the DVA, as well as the RMA, are trying to get away with when it comes to the responsibility of veteran care in this country. Even after our lengthy battle for victims of 'Agent Orange defects and disabilities' , including our offspring, we still find injustices being committed by all parties of government and the Department of Veterans Affairs, (DVA).

Full copies of current journals/Newsletters are available from our Branch Offices, however you will automatically receive each issue when you become a member of our association, and anyone is welcome to join subject to acceptance by Committee at State Branch/Sub-Branch level.

You can review an abridged version of recent issues by clicking on the relevant months Icon below.

The abridged versions go 0n-line 1 month after issue date. To check on whether older issues are available in the abridged version, please contact the editor by email to:

Advertising in the Newsletter

We carry paid advertisements within the Newsletter as a means of revenue raising to aid in the costs of production and mail distributiion to our member base, other ESO's, politcians, government departments and honorary patrons.

Generally pricing is always negotiable and based on a per issue price with discounts available for continued support.

Full page adverts $770 per issue including GST; 1/2 page adverts $440 per issue icluding GST; 1/4 page adverts $220 per issue including GST.

All adverts are in monochrome (black/white - grayscale) within the Newsletter proper.

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